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Apr. 8th, 2011 07:19 am
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The purpose of this community is to be a place for fans of the Archive of Our Own to come and discuss, connect, and share.

Discuss - anything that comes to mind! Features, suggestions, news, volunteer work, tagging practices, bookmarking practices. Just anything you'd like to talk about with other AO3 enthusiasts.

Connect - tell people who you are on AO3! Find new people (and old) to subscribe to.

Share - invite codes, skins, tips and tricks, user scripts.

This community was inspired in part by [community profile] deliciouslymad ([livejournal.com profile] deliciouslymad), a community for fans of the social bookmarking site delicious.com. This is not a place to complain about things that are-not-yet at AO3, but to have fun conversations about what we already love, and would love to see for the site.

Above all, be awesome to each other.

AO3 links: Support and Feedback | Archive FAQs | Known Issues

Dreamwidth links: [community profile] otw_news | [community profile] ao3_skins
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Hi all, Is there a third-party tool to mass-edit AO3 bookmarks? Specifically, to replace one bookmark tag with another? I suspect there is not, but it would be pretty great, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!
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I think it’s a bit of a shared frustration that AO3 doesn’t have a public API, which makes getting data harder than it could be.

I needed to get access to AO3 data in a Python script (specifically, some scripts for auto-tagging AO3 bookmarks on Pinboard), and so I threw together a Python module that acts as a pseudo-API. This is very rough code, written in a hurry, but it works and proves the concept. It’s probably not the easiest thing to install (sorry) but the README should give you some idea of what’s available.

Potentially of extra interest: this gives you a way to get a list of all fics where you’ve left kudos. (Albeit it very slowly, if you’ve read a lot of stuff.)

On GitHub: https://github.com/alexwlchan/ao3
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Here! It highlights a tag when you hover over it, which makes it a bit easier to parse individual tags in the huge sea that is tagset listboxes. Highlight and text color settings are customizable.

And another, since this is still the topmost post: This one changes the comma between tags to something more legible. The default is a large bullet, but I included some other options too.
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I love AO3 and I especially love the download feature so I can grab longer works and put them on my e-reader. Free bedtime reading for the win! I generally download in epub format and am overall satisfied with the results with one small caveat.

The metadata for a downloaded epub contains the fic title and the author name. However I'm in a lot of fandoms and tend to upload a lot of fic to my ereader in one go a few times a year rather than occasional updates regularly. Then I often have no idea, when I come to read some of my recently uploaded fic, which fic is which – ie which fandom, without opening several new fics until I find the one I want.

I'm currently saving an epub as fictitle-fandom-author.epub, then opening the downloaded epub in calibre, adding the fandom to the title metadata, and converting to an epub (ie making a copy of the epub with the new title) so when I look on my reader I can see the amended title.

So: Title becomes Title-Fandom and displays as
Title-Fandom (by) Fic Author on my ereader.

There has to be an easier way to do this? Could this be a possible adaptation to the download feature? Maybe an opt-in one?
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I made a script! Well... actually someone else made a script and I just tweaked it at the advice of afterandalasia.

The base script is Tegan's Ao3 Crossover Savior, but this hides works with too many relationships instead. Because I freaking hate searching for one of my rarepairs and running into page upon page of Juggernaut Ship I Don’t Care For with one passing reference to My Beloved Rarepair that the author decided to tag for anyway???

You can configure the script to decide how many ships a work has to have before it's hidden. The default is 2, but you can increase it if you want. Or, if you’re bitter and jaded like me, you can decrease it to 1.
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I have a minor problem with links on the archive, and I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way, and if they had come up with a solution. Being a ridiculously picky person, I don't like having a mixture of bookmarks, some to stories in collections, and others that aren't. So I always have to edit the URL to get the non-collection version of a link.

Does anyone know if there is a way to automate that, either something that defaults to taking you to the non-collection version or a button that removes the collection part of the link? I know it's a minor issue, and I can carry on the way I do at the moment, but if there is a solution, I'd be very grateful.
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Is the saved filters script working for anyone? This is such an invaluble script, one of the first I ever used on AO3. Though it's been a while since I browsed the site, and it's now stopped working for me.

But it seems like there's been some changes on AO3 anyway. The works page no longer has the filter, or was it always like that?
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Two userscripts I made:

Kudosed and seen history
Highlight or hide works you kudosed/marked as seen.

Kudos/hits ratio
Replace hitcount with kudos/hits percentage. Sort works on the page by this ratio.

More info on their pages. Suggestions welcome :)
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Was wondering if there's a way to filter fics so we see only fics with at least X number of kudos for every chapter.

So if X=100 then

A fic with 5 chapters and 520 kudos will show but a fic with 3 chapters and 120 kudos won't.

Just went through 100+ pages of fic and it was exhausting - it would make getting into new fandoms with boatloads of fic easier.
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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knew of a script to replace a particular word with another one on AO3? (eg., rediculous with ridiculous). I've been looking with no luck thus far. Anyone got any ideas?
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Hey guys, so glad to see people are still getting something out of this community!

A little while ago eosrose asked if there was a way to indicate fic they've left kudos for/commented on.

In the discussion flamebyrd explained that as AO3 doesn't display that info at all, or even that you've visited a page except for your browser's own history, so no way to use the data and make it more obvious.

I'm wondering though if there is a script for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that would show that the top of a fic page with the regular header info that you've left kudos/commented/bookmarked this fic? I find it really odd and a bit annoying that you have to reattempt any of these functions to find out you've already done them. And it would of cause help us to quickly recognise that we have in fact read that fic already (something I am pretty poor at, now that I don't use delicious.com or pinboard regularly).

Any help appreciated (even if it's to tell me it can't be done).
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I couldn't find anything to export Ao3 bookmarks to Pinboard, so I threw together a python script to do so. Some friends of mine wanted a copy, and so I threw it up on GitHub. You have to know how to run a python script, and it relies on a couple python packages, but it's pretty simple to do.
It was a little slapped together, and is not the most beautiful code in the world, but if you want to check it out and let me know how it works for you, that'd be cool. Just remember to turn off any sort of Twitter/etc crossposting or your tlist will want to murder you for spamming. :)

Find script on GitHub
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Hello! At the suggestion of [personal profile] morbane, I've created a bookmarklet to format AO3 exchange requests nicely for use in a DW/LJ post or email. The intention is to make the process of posting pinch hits a little quicker for mods.

Find it here. I've tested in Chrome and Firefox, but not in any other browsers.
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I made a bookmarklet ages ago to reorder the fandom pages by number of works instead of alphabetical. I fixed it just now to work with the new AO3 html. You can find the bookamarklet at my github page

If you already use the bookmarklet, delete it and re-save it from the above link.

And remember kids, don't use someone else's presentational html classes in your scripts, because they might just get rid of them one day.
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There's an option on the "New Collection" page where the wording is a bit weird. What does this mean?

"This collection is unrevealed"

That the collection is hidden from public view?

I'm wanting to make some reading lists and I'm thinking of using collections.
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Does anyone here use the FFDL plugin for Calibre?

If so, how do you manage the Freeform tags? Any tips/advice?

I've been using FFDL for some weeks now, and I've accumulated about 200 AO3 fics. I've left the freeform tags alone but I now have over 500 tags, and that could keep on increasing. So I'm thinking I should try to manage them a bit. But how?

It's not as simple as Fandom tags. Where you can tidy things up with replace_metadata. The freeform tags are huge, you'd be doing the job of the wranglers.

I wish FFDL could get hold of the canonical tags for a fic. It would make things more workable. Does anyone know if AO3 attaches those tags to a story?
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Does anyone know if there's a greasemonkey script to highlight certain tags on the story screen? Basically, I've got AO3 Savior installed to hide stuff, but that doesn't help when I click on recs from other people, especially when they don't mention the things I want to avoid.

I can (and do, right now) read the tags when the page opens, but sometimes the ones I'm trying to avoid don't jump out at me (especially when there's a long list of tags), and I end up downloading them to my iPad before I catch it, which is a huge waste of effort and also frustrating when I've been looking forward to having something new to read, only to find that I really don't.

Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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I typically download fic and forget to come back to kudos/comment later. Anyone know how to make a script that will highlight fic that I've already left a kudos and/or comment on? It'll make checking to see if I've left feedback so much easier. XD

Edit: I'm looking for and indicator from the tags/search results pages. I don't want to go to the specific work page to check.
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I believe the answer to this question is "No" but I just thought I'd check; maybe I've missed a trick.

Is it true that you cannot apply filters to an RSS subscription? For example, I subscribe to fic tagged with a certain character and read that RSS feed. But I would prefer to get only the English-language entries in the feed (and, even better, only the ones within the originating fandom, so I don't get crossover fics). Is it possible to do that?
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So I have noticed some fans saying that they prefer to ignore or not read the tags on AO3 because they might find them spoilery. As someone who doesn't consider many things spoilers I found this intriguing. I would like to pose a few questions to everyone:

1) Do you typically read tags? How often do you search by tag?

2) What kinds of tags do you find spoilery and why?

3) What do you want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

4) What do you not want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

5) Would whether you consider any tags to be spoilery or not be affected if the author wrote the content indicated by the tags creatively or in an atypical way?

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