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 In case anyone wants codes or wants to share them and not have to wait, you can at [community profile] ao3_invitecodes . The comm is also on LJ under the same name.

[Mods, may I put a link about this comm in the profile? ty]
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I have 10 AO3 invites left over after administering a challenge, and I figured someone might want them, considering how long the invite queue is getting. Please comment or pm with an email to get one.

ETA 9 months later: Lol, guys. The codes are gone. Seriously.
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I've got one invite if you or somebody you know needs one. You can PM me if you don't want to give email addresses in comments.

I've made two little Stylish styles you may find useful:
-- one to switch all font faces to sans-serif (this won't assign a specific font, just switch to your browser's default sans-serif one). It's here.
-- and another one to restore the background color for relationships the archive used to have. I use it to make it easier to spot het/slash fics as opposed to gen/friendship fics, and the listed pairing(s) of the fic. It's here.

Note: Stylish is a Mozilla Firefox extension but it can also work with Google Chrome. Installation instructions are here.

(Dear admins, I didn't know what tag system you wanted to use so I've left tagging to you. :)

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