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There's an option on the "New Collection" page where the wording is a bit weird. What does this mean?

"This collection is unrevealed"

That the collection is hidden from public view?

I'm wanting to make some reading lists and I'm thinking of using collections.
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So I have noticed some fans saying that they prefer to ignore or not read the tags on AO3 because they might find them spoilery. As someone who doesn't consider many things spoilers I found this intriguing. I would like to pose a few questions to everyone:

1) Do you typically read tags? How often do you search by tag?

2) What kinds of tags do you find spoilery and why?

3) What do you want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

4) What do you not want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

5) Would whether you consider any tags to be spoilery or not be affected if the author wrote the content indicated by the tags creatively or in an atypical way?
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I've recently uploaded a handful of filksongs to AO3, in light of [personal profile] franzeska's clarification of the TOS FAQ saying that the important measure of "fanworks" is that they were "created in a fandom context for a fandom audience." Yay!

Um. So... how do I tag them? I wrote filk for kink_bingo. Is kink_bingo the *fandom?* That seems... wrong. Is the original tune the "fandom," which would mean adding half a dozen new single-work fandoms? I wrote filk about coffee. Not about sentient coffee (in which case, it could go under "anthropomorphic"), but about coffee. No fandom. No characters. No pairings. It's to the tune of & in the style of a popular Pagan song, which is probably unknown outside of Pagan circles. (The Pagan song is ttto a traditional tune, but it doesn't match the original tone or style.)

I'm not actually looking for answers as much as for exploration of the questions. )
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[personal profile] boundbooks has made a great post in [community profile] ebooks about how non-fanfiction reader might enjoy AO3. It includes an introduction to browsing the archive and suggestions where non-fanfiction reader might start looking for stuff they might like.


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