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Hey guys, so glad to see people are still getting something out of this community!

A little while ago eosrose asked if there was a way to indicate fic they've left kudos for/commented on.

In the discussion flamebyrd explained that as AO3 doesn't display that info at all, or even that you've visited a page except for your browser's own history, so no way to use the data and make it more obvious.

I'm wondering though if there is a script for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that would show that the top of a fic page with the regular header info that you've left kudos/commented/bookmarked this fic? I find it really odd and a bit annoying that you have to reattempt any of these functions to find out you've already done them. And it would of cause help us to quickly recognise that we have in fact read that fic already (something I am pretty poor at, now that I don't use or pinboard regularly).

Any help appreciated (even if it's to tell me it can't be done).
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I couldn't find anything to export Ao3 bookmarks to Pinboard, so I threw together a python script to do so. Some friends of mine wanted a copy, and so I threw it up on GitHub. You have to know how to run a python script, and it relies on a couple python packages, but it's pretty simple to do.
It was a little slapped together, and is not the most beautiful code in the world, but if you want to check it out and let me know how it works for you, that'd be cool. Just remember to turn off any sort of Twitter/etc crossposting or your tlist will want to murder you for spamming. :)

Find script on GitHub
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Here are a couple scripts to tweak the works index pages. They run on Greasemonkey in Fx or Tampermonkey in Chrome.

Please let me know if you got questions, or if I made any mistakes!
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In the wake of the new Delicious launch (=DISASTER), [personal profile] jennyst has some questions for AO3 users about what they want out of the Archive's bookmarking functionality. I thought this might be of interest.

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