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Hi all,

I made a greasemonkey script for AO3 that has some handy shortcuts in it.

Essentially this is just me sharing with the rest of the internet something I made to make my ao3 reading easier.

With this script:

- when viewing the works page in AO3, left arrow goes back a page in the pagination, right arrow goes forward a page, like tumblr's navigation.
- when viewing an individual work in AO3, left arrow goes to the next chapter, right to the previous chapter
- when on a work pressing the following keys causes the following behaviour:
-- 'd': downloads the .mobi version of the fic
-- 'k': leaves kudos
-- 'm': marks it for later
-- 's': subscribes
-- '#': sets the filters to 'english' and 'completed works only'*

Like I said, not comprehensive, just something I made to make my reading experience lazier and I thought other people might like as well.

(*pretty tailored to me, but I've left it in there incase someone else wants to use it)

It'd be great to hear if anyone else finds it helpful :)
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I clearly have to much time on my hands... So I developed a Word Macro to reformat the AO3 "Share" Code for pimping archived works on journals.

This macro will:

  • Add "Title", "Author", and "Word Count" labels.
  • Place the "Title", "Author", and "Word Count" on separate lines.
  • Bold all labels.
  • Remove character list.
  • Remove warnings statement if no warnings apply.
  • Place the "Summary" label and summary text on the same line.
  • Remove the link to the AO3 "Fandom" tag.
  • Rename the "Relationship" label to "Ship".
  • Add line break tags so that you can disable auto-formatting.
  • Change the font weight of the "Title" and "Author" from strong to normal.
Example under the cut )

You can snag a copy of the macro code at my journal. Feel free to modify it as you see fit. Feedback is welcome.

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