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Hello! At the suggestion of [personal profile] morbane, I've created a bookmarklet to format AO3 exchange requests nicely for use in a DW/LJ post or email. The intention is to make the process of posting pinch hits a little quicker for mods.

Find it here. I've tested in Chrome and Firefox, but not in any other browsers.
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I made a bookmarklet ages ago to reorder the fandom pages by number of works instead of alphabetical. I fixed it just now to work with the new AO3 html. You can find the bookamarklet at my github page

If you already use the bookmarklet, delete it and re-save it from the above link.

And remember kids, don't use someone else's presentational html classes in your scripts, because they might just get rid of them one day.
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Hi everyone. I'm working on making some bookmarklets to get practical experience using javascript.

I made a few for use just on the AO3, and the first one, Reorder Fandoms, is tested and posted, and you are all welcome to try it out and offer any feedback you like either here on on my journal.

What this does is take all the links on a fandom page, one you pick from the fandoms dropdown in the main menu, and reorder them by number of works in descending order. This is a great tool for browsing for a new fandom to read that has lots of works in it.

You can go directly to the AO3 section on my GitHub page and drag the bookmarklet (the big blue button that says Reorder Fandoms on it) to your toolbar, sidebar or folder. (Don't know what a bookmarklet is? this Firefox link gives you the basics.)

I've tested it in Firefox and Chrome, but it likely will work in new versions of IE or in Opera, Safari etc.

You must have javascript enabled in your browser. The bookmarklet should only run on fandoms pages (for however long they still look like they do now), but be prepared for a discernible lag while the script runs on the category pages with a lot of fandoms listed. There should be no interference with AO3 scripts.

If you like to browse for fandoms, give it a try.

If you really want to read all my notes on making it along with the uncompressed code, you are welcome to read all about it on my journal.
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I edited the default Pinboard bookmarklet (the button you put in your browser bookmarks to let you quickly add links to Pinboard) so that it will grab the tags and summary from AO3 and include those in the Pinboard tags/description.

Would anybody who uses Pinboard for their bookmarks rather than AO3 be interested in that if I posted it?

I made a generator for the bookmarklet to allow people to choose which tags to include and so on. http://random.fangirling.net/fun/ao3/bookmarklet.html

(I tried to do the same for Delicious but it doesn't look like I can pass tags to it.)
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UPDATE: As of Release 0.9.2, which introduced some changes to the search form, the syntax below won't work anymore. I'm working on updated versions and will post them here ASAP. /UPDATE

UPDATE REDUX: So, yeah, that didn't happen. I don't think I'll ever have time to really do this right, and there's plenty of other tips and tools you can use. Anyone else, feel free to play with the new search syntax and the bookmarklet if you wanna! /UPDATE REDUX

Long story short, these are bookmarklets you can use to search for a pre-specified subset of works for a fandom, character, pairing or random prompt. It makes use of the somewhat under-documented Advanced Search syntax (explained in more detail in this tutorial) and can be customized to accommodate even the most obscure reading preferences. /brazen claim

I've included the basic syntax (totally stolen from another bookmarklet) and several examples under the cut. Dreamwidth won't let me create draggable bookmarklets, so you will have to create and name the bookmark yourself, putting in the contents of the respective text field as the link location/URL. It's wildly important to delete any line breaks in the code before you do this; it needs to be one long unbroken string starting with javascript:s. A simple text editor, such as Notepad, works nicely for this.

Once bookmarked, you can click on it and it will either take a word you've highlighted on the page you're on, or ask for a prompt, and then plop that prompt into a pre-defined AO3 search. Prompts can be multiple words (such as character names), but they will be treated as one discrete search term. You cannot put in [Avengers Batmann] and expect crossover matches. Sorry.

Basics )

Examples )

Feel free to shout if anything seems off to you, or if anything is unclear. I could have rambled on more, but I tried to keep the explanations short. Short-ish.

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