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Hello! At the suggestion of [personal profile] morbane, I've created a bookmarklet to format AO3 exchange requests nicely for use in a DW/LJ post or email. The intention is to make the process of posting pinch hits a little quicker for mods.

Find it here. I've tested in Chrome and Firefox, but not in any other browsers.
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Does anyone know if there's any way to skip the AO3-generated matching process? I'm running a very small exchange, and I've actually manually matched my participants (via printing out/cutting paper).

I had wanted to send out the matches today, but AO3 seems to be forcing me to wait for the archive-generated matches before I can manually match.

Is there any way to skip the archive-generated matching step, and cut straight to manually matching my participants?
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I decided to host a AO3 commenting (and fic rec) meme in my journal to challenge people to read fic beyond their 'comfort zone' and to leave more feedback to writers. AO3 has a reputation of being a writers' archive (possibly for a reason), so I'm hoping that more people would consider using it for reading as well.

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