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Here! It highlights a tag when you hover over it, which makes it a bit easier to parse individual tags in the huge sea that is tagset listboxes. Highlight and text color settings are customizable.

And another, since this is still the topmost post: This one changes the comma between tags to something more legible. The default is a large bullet, but I included some other options too.
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Hello everyone,

After [personal profile] theaeblackthorn posted their greasemonkey script last week, I was inspired to make my own, the AO3 kudos tools.

The script does three things:
- change the background of the kudos ♥ button to a white on green gradient if you have already given kudos to the work,
- highlight your username in the kudos list (white on green background, rounded shape),
- highlight other usernames in the kudos list (white on blue background), if you have listed their username in the script.

ETA: You will have to edit in your username in the script to make it work for you.

I mostly use the last feature to have a quick gauge of whether people I know have similar tastes in fanfic to me have read/liked the work.

If anyone decides to try this, I'd be glad to know if the contrast is correct accessibility-wise.

EDIT 2013.07.03: I've updated the script, anyone having trouble with the script should update to the latest version. Don't hesitate to PM me if something breaks down :)
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I like the Podfic community, and one of the things I like about them is that they are a community with that spirit of let's get together and organize stuff! Yay!

One of the things they did is produce a consistency of tagging and presentation of their posts on the AO3 so that they are really easy to recognize.

Almost every one has [Podfic] in the title and is tagged as Podfic and/or Podfic and Podficced Works.

So given that beautiful organization, I had this idea to make Podfics in a page of work blurbs even easier to spot for people who like to browse by category or fandom or pairing.

.work .blurb a.tag[href*="Podfic"] {
background-color: COLOUR;

will make the background of any tag which contains the work Podfic in it the colour of your choice.

You can do the same thing for works tagged as Vids too--they're also beautifully orgainized:

.work .blurb a.tag[href*="vid"],
.work .blurb a.tag[href*="Vid"],
.work .blurb a.tag[href*="AMV"] {
background-color: OTHERCOLOUR;

I imagine you could do Fanart as well.

Try it out, either in a script or a skin--but you might want to be judicious in your colour choices.
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Hi all,

I made a greasemonkey script for AO3 that has some handy shortcuts in it.

Essentially this is just me sharing with the rest of the internet something I made to make my ao3 reading easier.

With this script:

- when viewing the works page in AO3, left arrow goes back a page in the pagination, right arrow goes forward a page, like tumblr's navigation.
- when viewing an individual work in AO3, left arrow goes to the next chapter, right to the previous chapter
- when on a work pressing the following keys causes the following behaviour:
-- 'd': downloads the .mobi version of the fic
-- 'k': leaves kudos
-- 'm': marks it for later
-- 's': subscribes
-- '#': sets the filters to 'english' and 'completed works only'*

Like I said, not comprehensive, just something I made to make my reading experience lazier and I thought other people might like as well.

(*pretty tailored to me, but I've left it in there incase someone else wants to use it)

It'd be great to hear if anyone else finds it helpful :)
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Here are a couple scripts to tweak the works index pages. They run on Greasemonkey in Fx or Tampermonkey in Chrome.

Please let me know if you got questions, or if I made any mistakes!
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Coding and challenge moderation open house

Do you code for the Archive of Our Own or would you like to do so? Now is the time to learn how! Jenny, Training lead for the OTW's Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee, will lead a chat on coding for the OTW and the AO3, and also cover challenge moderation and challenge code. If you're a current coder, a new coder, or interested and curious about coding, this is the chat for you! If you've run a challenge on AO3 or want to learn more about how that works, this is the chat for you, too!

All are welcome! The chat will be held on Saturday, 27 August at 04:00 UTC (what time is it in my timezone?) in OTW's public chatroom on Campfire. The chatroom can be accessed at

Accessibility, Design, & Technology is the guiding body that coordinates software design and development on behalf of the Organization for Transformative Works.

For those who aren't familiar with the org-wide meeting, it happens every month, open to all volunteers, and we have one hour of training followed by two hours of status updates from every committee. It's a good way to hear a bit about what's going on behind the scenes at the OTW. Occasionally we open up the training to the general public as well, like this time.

(Disclaimer: This is not an official post, just a signal boost. I am the training lead for AD&T.)

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