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ifttt -- it stands for "if this, then that" -- is a nifty service that can automate some web-based tasks. For instance, it can e-mail you a reminder to take an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain, or it can take all the pictures you post on Facebook and put them in your Dropbox.

It can also do some fantastic things with RSS feeds. Like, say, the new AO3 fandom feeds.

Want all the new Kirk/Spock fic automatically added to your Delicious account? No problem -- you can even specify the tags or make it private. (It also works with Pinboard, but I'm not sure how the tags work over there.) Want an e-mail notification when a new Sherlock fic tagged "asexuality" gets posted? You can do that, too. Heck, if your favorite author writes in too many fandoms and you just want to know when they post new X-Men fic, you can set that up, too.

How does that work when AO3 only supports fandom feeds? Well, AO3 includes characters, pairings, and so on in the feed posts, and ifttt lets you trigger actions (like sending an e-mail or creating a bookmark) based on what's in posts instead of just "a new post exists."

There are a lot of different things you could do with it, and the process of setting up a task (e.g. "if there is new Buffy/Spike, then send me an e-mail") is pretty straightforward, so I'm not going to write up instructions -- instead, I'll just leave you with the suggestion that, if you're sad there's no character or pairing feeds, you might want to sign up for ifttt and poke around a bit. You might come up with a solution that's perfect for you.
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As I only discovered this today, I thought other people might be interested.

You can get the AO3 news feed on Dreamwidth! It's from Archive of Our Own's AO3 News, and over at AO3 there are also comments enabled for each post.

If you'd like to follow the news feed on Dreamwidth, just subscribe to [syndicated profile] ao3_news_feed :)
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As you may know, AO3 has fandom feeds now (go to Fandoms, select yours, click on the 'Subscribe to the feed' link in the upper left area) which means you can create feed accounts here on Dreamwidth if you want to get updates on your Reading page. Several have already been created. Here's the list of those I know of. If you've created or subscribed to other ones, give me the fandom name and the feed name, and I'll gladly add them to the list. It'll save other fans time.

the list )
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First off, hi! I'm so please people are posting to the comm!

Now, I was just updating my profile, as per [personal profile] sophinisba's suggestion, and I stumbled into the user preferences page. It's got all the normal preferences you'd expect to see (comment notifications, display settings, time zone etc), but right down the bottom I found a feature that I did not know existed.

Format the titles on your works and series

This is awesome! I have a system when I bookmark on; a system developed over years of trial and error and evolution through growing fandomly. The default page title is TITLE - AUTHOR - FANDOM, but I prefer AUTHOR - TITLE - FANDOM. So now I can impose that on my works. Not just that, this setting allows you to impose the title format on all works on the Archive. This means for me that bookmarking to delicious just became 100% easier because I no longer have to rewrite the whole page title to fit my system!

See, it's the little things that make AO3 awesome :D

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