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Two userscripts I made:

Kudosed and seen history
Highlight or hide works you kudosed/marked as seen.

Kudos/hits ratio
Replace hitcount with kudos/hits percentage. Sort works on the page by this ratio.

More info on their pages. Suggestions welcome :)
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Hey guys, so glad to see people are still getting something out of this community!

A little while ago eosrose asked if there was a way to indicate fic they've left kudos for/commented on.

In the discussion flamebyrd explained that as AO3 doesn't display that info at all, or even that you've visited a page except for your browser's own history, so no way to use the data and make it more obvious.

I'm wondering though if there is a script for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that would show that the top of a fic page with the regular header info that you've left kudos/commented/bookmarked this fic? I find it really odd and a bit annoying that you have to reattempt any of these functions to find out you've already done them. And it would of cause help us to quickly recognise that we have in fact read that fic already (something I am pretty poor at, now that I don't use or pinboard regularly).

Any help appreciated (even if it's to tell me it can't be done).
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I typically download fic and forget to come back to kudos/comment later. Anyone know how to make a script that will highlight fic that I've already left a kudos and/or comment on? It'll make checking to see if I've left feedback so much easier. XD

Edit: I'm looking for and indicator from the tags/search results pages. I don't want to go to the specific work page to check.
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Hello everyone,

After [personal profile] theaeblackthorn posted their greasemonkey script last week, I was inspired to make my own, the AO3 kudos tools.

The script does three things:
- change the background of the kudos ♥ button to a white on green gradient if you have already given kudos to the work,
- highlight your username in the kudos list (white on green background, rounded shape),
- highlight other usernames in the kudos list (white on blue background), if you have listed their username in the script.

ETA: You will have to edit in your username in the script to make it work for you.

I mostly use the last feature to have a quick gauge of whether people I know have similar tastes in fanfic to me have read/liked the work.

If anyone decides to try this, I'd be glad to know if the contrast is correct accessibility-wise.

EDIT 2013.07.03: I've updated the script, anyone having trouble with the script should update to the latest version. Don't hesitate to PM me if something breaks down :)
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Hi all,

I made a greasemonkey script for AO3 that has some handy shortcuts in it.

Essentially this is just me sharing with the rest of the internet something I made to make my ao3 reading easier.

With this script:

- when viewing the works page in AO3, left arrow goes back a page in the pagination, right arrow goes forward a page, like tumblr's navigation.
- when viewing an individual work in AO3, left arrow goes to the next chapter, right to the previous chapter
- when on a work pressing the following keys causes the following behaviour:
-- 'd': downloads the .mobi version of the fic
-- 'k': leaves kudos
-- 'm': marks it for later
-- 's': subscribes
-- '#': sets the filters to 'english' and 'completed works only'*

Like I said, not comprehensive, just something I made to make my reading experience lazier and I thought other people might like as well.

(*pretty tailored to me, but I've left it in there incase someone else wants to use it)

It'd be great to hear if anyone else finds it helpful :)
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I posted this in my journal the other day and now realise I should have posted here instead/as well.

So [personal profile] cesare recently made a post talking about feedback, and she talks a bit about how she keeps a folder in her email for kudos so she can see the total for all ber stories. She had mentioned this before about a year ago and I thought it was an awesome idea. Now, her reasoning is totally different from mine, because she uses it as a way to help stop obsessing over story stats, which she in general doesn't want to see, whereas I use it as a stop-gap since AO3 doesn't offer any sort of stats page for authors (you have to look at each individual story, which is not practical if you have a lot of stories on there as I do).

But it is a thing that works for both of us, and so I have been saving kudos notifications ever since she first mentioned it, along with a handful of older notifications which I had deleted but were still in the trash. So I have a folder in gmail going back to March of last year, and out of curiosity I counted them all up (unfortunately I can't just look at the total number, because some notifications thread and it shows threaded convos as one email) and in one year I have gotten a total of about 470 kudos.

That is pretty amazing to me, especially considering in that time period I have only posted five new fics. Those five fics did, of course, get a good chunk of kudos just for being new fics and thus being more likely to be noticed, but all together they didn't even get a hundred, so that is almost 400 kudos on OLD FICS. Guys. I don't know what your fandom experience has been, but mine has been that feedback comes overwhelmingly from new fics, generally within the first few days, and then you are lucky if you get a comment or two the rest of the years its posted, maybe a bit more if someone recs it. And this has held true on AO3. I do get the occasional comment on older stuff, but it's rare. Really rare. I have over 200 fics and for the most part, while I assume people are still reading them, for the most part the only time I get comments is when they're first posted.

So those 400 kudos? Those are 400 comments from readers that I would otherwise never have heard. Maybe kudos take away from comments on newer fics, I don't know (and it's really hard to measure that, because there are so many other factors, too). But I know there is no way I would have gotten 400 comments on random old fics. Hell, I wouldn't have gotten even 100. Maybe 50 tops. But I have still been getting comments here and there, at a rate that doesn't really feel appreciably different to years when there were no kudos. So maybe I've lost 10 comments on older fics, or hell, let's say I've even lost 20. But I gained 400 in the form of kudos? I...I'm really not seeing the downside here.

I didn't mean this to be an experiment when I started saving the kudos notifications, but I'm really glad I now have solid proof to point to when people say kudos are only replacing comments, etc.

There has been a lot of talk recently about kudos and readers, but when I read the comments on posts like that, it often comes off as people saying "I'm a reader and I like kudos because" and "I'm a writer and I hate kudos because". I know some people are saying they like/hate them from both sides, but it still seems like when people make arguments for/against kudos they talk about it in those terms. I want to talk about how awesome kudos are as a writer. They are super awesome!
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Poll #10088 Meaning of Kudos
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 368

When I click the Kudos button, it most often means (one or more of) the following:

View Answers

Good job!
261 (70.9%)

I liked this!
338 (91.8%)

I finished this and didn't hate it!
59 (16.0%)

I ADORED this!
204 (55.4%)

I like clicking buttons and assign no meaning!
4 (1.1%)

None of these options apply
6 (1.6%)

This is a sort of follow-up to [personal profile] bethbethbeth's great Kudos/Comments poll here. There are a number of comments there discussing the various reasons people click the Kudos button, some of which may be more common reasons than others.

Feel free to expand on your answer!
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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who really loves the Kudos feature at AO3. I don't mean, "wow, it's great that there's this option for people too busy or overwhelmed to leave a comment, so authors can know someone liked their story," because sometimes that comes with the unspoken (or not unspoken) followup of, "but of course people should be leaving comments, so if it causes people to not leave comments, maybe it's not so good." I love kudos. Unreservedly, with no caveats. I maybe like them more than comments.

I love comments. Pretty much everyone loves comments, and I write little enough fic that I treasure every single one of them. Comments tell me what worked, tell me when I've managed just the *perfect* way to get across what I was thinking, tell me if I've failed to cover the (obviously brilliant and compelling) backstory & other bits in my head. Comments tell me that someone else loves not just my favorite characters, but loves them the same way I do. Comments tell me I've succeeded in intriguing or disturbing or arousing the reader, or maybe all three at once.

Comments help me grow as a writer, and I feel horribly guilty for everyone one of them I don't reply to. I know lack of replies means it's just a bit less likely that person will leave comments in the future. :( Bad elf. No cookie.

But kudos are (is?) always a happy thing. )

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