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Here! It highlights a tag when you hover over it, which makes it a bit easier to parse individual tags in the huge sea that is tagset listboxes. Highlight and text color settings are customizable.

And another, since this is still the topmost post: This one changes the comma between tags to something more legible. The default is a large bullet, but I included some other options too.
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Does anyone here use the FFDL plugin for Calibre?

If so, how do you manage the Freeform tags? Any tips/advice?

I've been using FFDL for some weeks now, and I've accumulated about 200 AO3 fics. I've left the freeform tags alone but I now have over 500 tags, and that could keep on increasing. So I'm thinking I should try to manage them a bit. But how?

It's not as simple as Fandom tags. Where you can tidy things up with replace_metadata. The freeform tags are huge, you'd be doing the job of the wranglers.

I wish FFDL could get hold of the canonical tags for a fic. It would make things more workable. Does anyone know if AO3 attaches those tags to a story?
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Does anyone know if there's a greasemonkey script to highlight certain tags on the story screen? Basically, I've got AO3 Savior installed to hide stuff, but that doesn't help when I click on recs from other people, especially when they don't mention the things I want to avoid.

I can (and do, right now) read the tags when the page opens, but sometimes the ones I'm trying to avoid don't jump out at me (especially when there's a long list of tags), and I end up downloading them to my iPad before I catch it, which is a huge waste of effort and also frustrating when I've been looking forward to having something new to read, only to find that I really don't.

Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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So I have noticed some fans saying that they prefer to ignore or not read the tags on AO3 because they might find them spoilery. As someone who doesn't consider many things spoilers I found this intriguing. I would like to pose a few questions to everyone:

1) Do you typically read tags? How often do you search by tag?

2) What kinds of tags do you find spoilery and why?

3) What do you want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

4) What do you not want to know about the content of a story before you read? Why?

5) Would whether you consider any tags to be spoilery or not be affected if the author wrote the content indicated by the tags creatively or in an atypical way?
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I just posted a poll to [community profile] asexual_fandom about how ambiguous relationships (like A/B Queerplatonic or A/B Platonic Romance) get wrangled to the existing / vs. & standard.

I posted it there because a_f people tend to be really passionate about these divisions, but you are all cordially invited to vote too! And spread it around to anyone else you think might be interested. And, uh, to ignore the terrible proofreading job. :P

Putting Relationships Into Binary Boxes
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I like the Podfic community, and one of the things I like about them is that they are a community with that spirit of let's get together and organize stuff! Yay!

One of the things they did is produce a consistency of tagging and presentation of their posts on the AO3 so that they are really easy to recognize.

Almost every one has [Podfic] in the title and is tagged as Podfic and/or Podfic and Podficced Works.

So given that beautiful organization, I had this idea to make Podfics in a page of work blurbs even easier to spot for people who like to browse by category or fandom or pairing.

.work .blurb a.tag[href*="Podfic"] {
background-color: COLOUR;

will make the background of any tag which contains the work Podfic in it the colour of your choice.

You can do the same thing for works tagged as Vids too--they're also beautifully orgainized:

.work .blurb a.tag[href*="vid"],
.work .blurb a.tag[href*="Vid"],
.work .blurb a.tag[href*="AMV"] {
background-color: OTHERCOLOUR;

I imagine you could do Fanart as well.

Try it out, either in a script or a skin--but you might want to be judicious in your colour choices.
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I started a Tumblr earlier this month to talk about tag wrangling: what it does, how it works, etc. Since then, Tumblr's begun rolling out some changes that make it hard to access that blog without frustration, so I went ahead and made DW and LJ mirrors.

[personal profile] wrangletangle on DW

[ profile] wrangletangle on LJ

They will both mirror all regular posts to the Tumblr, as well as archive some of the reblogged conversations there.

I won't be spamming this comm with the posts, though I may drop by once a month or so to offer a digest/synopsis.

In February: Femslash February! I'll be posting daily about femslash and female-centric tags at AO3.
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A couple weeks ago, I was playing around with skins and came up with a way to truncate the text of longer freeform tags. Basically, stick this CSS in a site skin and it'll turn "This is my very very very very long freeform tag" into "This is my very very very ver..."

You can change max-width: 15em to a smaller number if your personal definition of long is different. This only applies to freeform tags in the blurbs, so there's no need to worry about long character names or relationships getting cut off, and you can still see the full tag on the work itself. If you want to truncate it there as well, change .blurb ul.tags li.freeforms to .blurb ul.tags li.freeforms, .meta dd.freeform li

ETA: Updated to work in Chrome in addition to Opera, Firefox, and Safari.
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Question I've been mulling all day:

I've been doing this writing exercise: where I write Pale Fire-style footnotes for famous quotes from other books. If I were to put these on AO3, how the hell would I tag them? I think they're inarguably fannish, inarguably transformative, but it's not clear exactly what fandom they're in. Is it the fandom the footnote is about? Is it Pale Fire? Or is this origfic since it doesn't have the characters from Pale Fire and the actual characters it has are my invented OC specialists?
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I've recently uploaded a handful of filksongs to AO3, in light of [personal profile] franzeska's clarification of the TOS FAQ saying that the important measure of "fanworks" is that they were "created in a fandom context for a fandom audience." Yay!

Um. So... how do I tag them? I wrote filk for kink_bingo. Is kink_bingo the *fandom?* That seems... wrong. Is the original tune the "fandom," which would mean adding half a dozen new single-work fandoms? I wrote filk about coffee. Not about sentient coffee (in which case, it could go under "anthropomorphic"), but about coffee. No fandom. No characters. No pairings. It's to the tune of & in the style of a popular Pagan song, which is probably unknown outside of Pagan circles. (The Pagan song is ttto a traditional tune, but it doesn't match the original tone or style.)

I'm not actually looking for answers as much as for exploration of the questions. )
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So, I was looking back over my already-posted fic and realized that there's a trope that I really want a name for but don't have one to tag with. Basically, it's where one character at some point starts living the life of another canon character. Normally, it's done with crossovers but I've seen it done via time travel too. Does anybody have a good tag for that?

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