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It's high time for the tag wranglers to start wrangling some of those loose incoherent tumblr-style freeforms.

I speak, specifically, of the "I was drunk when I wrote this" concept. I don't know if the canonical should be "written while drunk" or "drunk author" or "drunk writing" (not that, I think; it sounds like it refers to the contents of the fic, not the meta-state of the author) or something else. These decisions are for tag wranglers. *insert airy handwave*

The tags that should be synned include, but are not necessarily limited to:
i was drunk when i wrote this
I was clearly drunk when I wrote this
Drunk Writing
I write when I am drunk
Things I Write While Drunk
I wrote this when I was drunk.
don't judge my drunk
jfc i wrote this drunk at 3 am two years ago
I might have been drunk when I wrote this
Because apparently drunk me writes porn
Don't Drink and Write, which has been used on two fics by different authors! One more and it's eligible for canonicability! Which is a totally cromulent word that's perfectly appropriate to a discussion about fic that was written while drunk.
this is what happens when you let me write while drinking
what was I drinking when I made this
I was drinking okay I regret nothing

Making it canonical would merge several similar tags, encourage future similarity of tagging, and--BONUS!!!--make it easy for people who hate that kind of fic to avoid it.

(Disclaimer: I was not drunk when I wrote this. But I am coming off four days of five hours' sleep each.)
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I started a Tumblr earlier this month to talk about tag wrangling: what it does, how it works, etc. Since then, Tumblr's begun rolling out some changes that make it hard to access that blog without frustration, so I went ahead and made DW and LJ mirrors.

[personal profile] wrangletangle on DW

[livejournal.com profile] wrangletangle on LJ

They will both mirror all regular posts to the Tumblr, as well as archive some of the reblogged conversations there.

I won't be spamming this comm with the posts, though I may drop by once a month or so to offer a digest/synopsis.

In February: Femslash February! I'll be posting daily about femslash and female-centric tags at AO3.
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Question I've been mulling all day:

I've been doing this writing exercise: http://seekingferret.dreamwidth.org/52973.html where I write Pale Fire-style footnotes for famous quotes from other books. If I were to put these on AO3, how the hell would I tag them? I think they're inarguably fannish, inarguably transformative, but it's not clear exactly what fandom they're in. Is it the fandom the footnote is about? Is it Pale Fire? Or is this origfic since it doesn't have the characters from Pale Fire and the actual characters it has are my invented OC specialists?
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I've recently uploaded a handful of filksongs to AO3, in light of [personal profile] franzeska's clarification of the TOS FAQ saying that the important measure of "fanworks" is that they were "created in a fandom context for a fandom audience." Yay!

Um. So... how do I tag them? I wrote filk for kink_bingo. Is kink_bingo the *fandom?* That seems... wrong. Is the original tune the "fandom," which would mean adding half a dozen new single-work fandoms? I wrote filk about coffee. Not about sentient coffee (in which case, it could go under "anthropomorphic"), but about coffee. No fandom. No characters. No pairings. It's to the tune of & in the style of a popular Pagan song, which is probably unknown outside of Pagan circles. (The Pagan song is ttto a traditional tune, but it doesn't match the original tone or style.)

I'm not actually looking for answers as much as for exploration of the questions. )
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So, I was looking back over my already-posted fic and realized that there's a trope that I really want a name for but don't have one to tag with. Basically, it's where one character at some point starts living the life of another canon character. Normally, it's done with crossovers but I've seen it done via time travel too. Does anybody have a good tag for that?

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