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There's an option on the "New Collection" page where the wording is a bit weird. What does this mean?

"This collection is unrevealed"

That the collection is hidden from public view?

I'm wanting to make some reading lists and I'm thinking of using collections.
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I've already submitted a request for help to Support, but I figured that I'd ask in case anyone has any tips immediately!

My exchange's sign-ups open today, but no one can sign-up.

The problem is that "I don't know if it is just me but I'm logged into my AO3 account and the sign up option isn't appearing in the top right or in the bar on the left. I just have the button for a sign up summery which it can't load as 5 people haven't signed up." and I've confirmed it on my non-collection maintainer AO3 account.

I'm waiting to hear from Support, but I have no idea what's going on. Here's my collection's profile page.

Here are my collection settings )

Here are my challenge settings )

Any idea what might have gone wrong?

edit - I tried setting the collection to 'open' and the problem seems to be persisting. :(

Setting the collection to 'open' brings up the 'post to collection' button, but not the 'sign-up' button. :(


edit #2 - FIXED! The collection *cannot be moderated* in order for the 'Sign-up' button and 'Sign-up Form' links to appear. This does appear to be a bug/unintended design issue, so I'm sending in a report to Support tonight. :)
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Question! Is there any way to do staggered posting in a collection on AO3? You know, advent calendar style, where all the works have been submitted to the collection previously, but works are revealed one per day?

Is there some kind of trick someone can do with moderating submissions in order to make this work? Any clues? :)
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Does anyone know if it's possible to delete a collection? I made two as test collections, but am totally baffled as to how to delete them. I figure that one should be able to delete collections, as the action won't delete a work, but I am unable to discover how to do so.

Tips, tricks, something I'm missing?

edit - Annnnd, I totally found it. Turns out it's a button on 'Profile,' not something on 'settings.'

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