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Ao3 Relationship Savior

I made a script! Well... actually someone else made a script and I just tweaked it at the advice of afterandalasia.

The base script is Tegan's Ao3 Crossover Savior, but this hides works with too many relationships instead. Because I freaking hate searching for one of my rarepairs and running into page upon page of Juggernaut Ship I Don’t Care For with one passing reference to My Beloved Rarepair that the author decided to tag for anyway???

You can configure the script to decide how many ships a work has to have before it's hidden. The default is 2, but you can increase it if you want. Or, if you’re bitter and jaded like me, you can decrease it to 1.
[personal profile] sketchme2015-05-16 12:36 am
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Is it working?? Saved Filters Script

Is the saved filters script working for anyone? This is such an invaluble script, one of the first I ever used on AO3. Though it's been a while since I browsed the site, and it's now stopped working for me.

But it seems like there's been some changes on AO3 anyway. The works page no longer has the filter, or was it always like that?
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Userscripts: "Kudosed and seen history" and "Kudos/hits ratio"

Two userscripts I made:

Kudosed and seen history
Highlight or hide works you kudosed/marked as seen.

Kudos/hits ratio
Replace hitcount with kudos/hits percentage. Sort works on the page by this ratio.

More info on their pages. Suggestions welcome :)
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[personal profile] jamethiel2014-10-25 03:25 pm

Greasemonkey script to replace a word?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knew of a script to replace a particular word with another one on AO3? (eg., rediculous with ridiculous). I've been looking with no luck thus far. Anyone got any ideas?
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[personal profile] stepps2014-09-23 12:21 pm

Scritp to highlight/indicate bookmarked fic?

Hey guys, so glad to see people are still getting something out of this community!

A little while ago eosrose asked if there was a way to indicate fic they've left kudos for/commented on.

In the discussion flamebyrd explained that as AO3 doesn't display that info at all, or even that you've visited a page except for your browser's own history, so no way to use the data and make it more obvious.

I'm wondering though if there is a script for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that would show that the top of a fic page with the regular header info that you've left kudos/commented/bookmarked this fic? I find it really odd and a bit annoying that you have to reattempt any of these functions to find out you've already done them. And it would of cause help us to quickly recognise that we have in fact read that fic already (something I am pretty poor at, now that I don't use delicious.com or pinboard regularly).

Any help appreciated (even if it's to tell me it can't be done).

greasemonkey script to highlight tags?

Does anyone know if there's a greasemonkey script to highlight certain tags on the story screen? Basically, I've got AO3 Savior installed to hide stuff, but that doesn't help when I click on recs from other people, especially when they don't mention the things I want to avoid.

I can (and do, right now) read the tags when the page opens, but sometimes the ones I'm trying to avoid don't jump out at me (especially when there's a long list of tags), and I end up downloading them to my iPad before I catch it, which is a huge waste of effort and also frustrating when I've been looking forward to having something new to read, only to find that I really don't.

Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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[personal profile] eosrose2014-04-19 06:24 pm

Anyone know how to build a greasemonkey script?

I typically download fic and forget to come back to kudos/comment later. Anyone know how to make a script that will highlight fic that I've already left a kudos and/or comment on? It'll make checking to see if I've left feedback so much easier. XD

Edit: I'm looking for and indicator from the tags/search results pages. I don't want to go to the specific work page to check.