Apr. 13th, 2011

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Greetings, AO3 enthusiasts! Last night I made a post encouraging people to fill out their user profiles. In particular, as someone interested in making podfic, I'd love it if more people would put up their contact information and a statement about remixes, podfics, art, and other fanworks inspired by their work.
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I've been considering what AO3 could do that's unique & different from other archives, rather than just "improve searches" and "more display options" which are indeed nifty goals, but I was trying to think of something different.

And I realized one of the reasons I sometimes don't leave comments is that I want to leave concrit/corrections, which some authors welcome, but it feels really really *weird* to say, "there's an obscene typo in paragraph 3, and also the dog's name was Indiana, not Illinois," and have that left in the comment stream for all future readers who would otherwise never know the author had a facepalm moment before fixing things.

I think I'd like something like screened comments, where the commenter could say "screen this thread." Musings on how that might work. )

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